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Workspace Design Consultants

A well designed office not only maximises space, it attracts a talented workforce, increases productivity and enhances wellbeing.

We are enthusiastic about providing the very best work environment for our clients, frequently this means challenging existing work cultures and providing solutions previously not considered.  Gone are the days of filling a floor plan with as many desks as possible!

A successful fit-out project is the result of a strong team made up of client, designer, contractor and furniture supplier.  We are passionate in our belief that we must work collaboratively, with the same end goal; a beautiful, high-quality project, that is achieved on budget and on time. 

Each design we produce is unique, we pride ourselves in never ‘copying and pasting’ designs from one project to the next.

Being fully independent, we have the freedom to recommend the most appropriate fit-out contractors and suppliers, and if necessary, tender the project to receive the best prices.   

We are a fee-based business, we do not benefit from recommending expensive fit-out solutions, overpriced furniture or any particular manufacturer’s fixings and fittings, we will always propose the most suitable design and specification for our clients. 

We believe in full transparency with every element of the design and fit-out process.  All fee proposals and quotes are supplied in a ‘shopping list’ format, clients can choose which to take and which to leave.

Our designs are produced in Autodesk’s Revit software – this means we can quickly and efficiently produce 3D plans and visuals, these greatly improve communication of design intent.  

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